We offer the following 5 day a week schedules for enrollment:

  • Full days 8AM – 3PM
  • Half days 8AM – 12:30PM

Children’s House

Ages 3* through 6

*Potty-trained children age 30 months (2 1/2 years) and older may be considered on an individual basis.


Some form of enrichment is provided every week. Currently we alternate between Music and Yoga enrichment each week.


Music enrichment is provided by Mr Daniel Scruggs of Rythm Moves Live. Every other week the children experience interactive demonstrations from Mr Daniel and a selection from his collection of over 100 rare instruments from six continents. The demonstrations honor and dignify the authentic traditions and cultures that created these beautiful instruments.

You can read more about Rythm Moves Live here:

Enrichment with Mr Daniel

Yoga enrichment provides the children many physical and mental benefits. Physically, it enhances flexibility, body awareness, and coordination. Mentally, it helps them improve their concentration, sense of calmness, and relaxation skills.