Support Our School

We’re proud to offer SWMS merchandise through the Print Your Cause service. By purchasing an item through our hosted store you are supporting our school while also getting a great high quality product for yourself! SWMS will receive between 22-40% of the proceeds of the sale, depending on the item.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will support updating our new schoolhouse and classroom. We’re hoping to improve the bathrooms, get child height lamps for lighting in the classroom, and so much more!

Order by Nov. 18th 2019.

All items will be shipped as soon as they print.
* T-shirts will now print high quality without being held
* Polos & Pullover are embroidered.

You will provide your own address during the checkout process.

We Thank You for your support!

Read more about Print Your Cause and How it works. SWMS does not pay a single penny for this hosted store.