We are now enrolling students, ages 30 months through 6 years.

Tour our school and find out more about attending Still Water.  Use Facebook to schedule an appointment or call us at (843) 790-4973. We are currently doing phone and virtual tours in response to Covid-19.

Children’s House

Ages 3 through 6

Full Time ($870/month) is five days a week from 8-3pm

Part Time ($650/month) is five days a week from 8-12pm

Our Children’s House is a traditional Montessori classroom. Our classroom is student lead, with the adults acting as guides. Students choose work based off of their own intrinsic motivation. Curriculum includes practical life, sensorial, geography, science, language, and mathematics.

Virtual Bundle


This school year we will be doing something new in an effort to keep our community together during this trying time. Our virtual package includes:

-2 live Zoom recordings of circle time each week (including show and share)

-Weekly Zoom meetings for parents: This is a time for teachers and parents to work together and create plans for homeschooling. This is also a support system for parents to voice their concerns and lean on one another.

-1 or 2 pre-recorded lessons each week: The Montessori Guide will give personalized lessons based on the needs of your children

-1:1 meetings every other month: The Montessori Guide will do an in home session or a personal Zoom session with your family


For $20/hr we can provide customized lessons, home visits, meetings, personal classroom time, etc. This is best for parents choosing to home school, but that do not want to commit to the full virtual bundle.

Contact us for more details.

Home-Based Learning Center

We understand that many families are not comfortable returning to school full time right now. However, we know how important socialization is for children and how important breaks are for parents. For $25/day, your child can complete their virtual learning at our school. This program is open to all elementary aged students.